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    My conceptual projects often satisfy the curiosity about the scope beyond the known form of ornaments.Over time, I focuses on the exploration of various elements from numerous perspectives.

  • DNA

    D N A. Infinite possibilities. The Intersection of Aesthetics for Artistry and Technology. The Game between Motivation crisscrossing Perceptions.


    Here’s a candy. Uh-Oh, wrong candy! This one is MY treasure! Go Colors Go! Colors as my Weapon! Everything can become a Jewel.


    Break the cognition of gender. The creation of neutral design. As lily, I like metallic elements; as jay, I like to utilize blue component. I wish to combine these two and narrate the two aspect of my lives.


    Welcome to AURA Museum. Stored here are portraits of wearers from Aura & Alchemy, which take us back to the journey of every piece of Aura & Alchemy jewelry and its owners since 2021.


    Create a jewelry kingdom for our younglings. In the magical world of Chacha, children belong to all imaginable toys and animals of childhood. Chacha present these magical thoughts in the way of jewelry, conveying childishness and happiness.

  • Shackle of 79Au

    We break the chains that suppress feminism, while use it to symbolize freedom and independency from male dominated society. Gold represent the victorious of equality for women, as in full social, economic, and political issues.

  • Liminaless

    My brand travels the concept of integration for those substances. It’s suggests that participants in the art intervention who construct a three-dimensional representation of abstract science concepts will gain an increased understanding of those concepts.