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CAD Graphic Service

Development Service

Smart Factory

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Comprehensive fashion accessories development
in one-click away.
This affordable package will turn your designs into products.
Transform your original ideas and maximize inspirational value.
  • Project Assessment

    Consulting evaluation based on achievability, expenditure, troubleshooting, and equipment needs.

  • Sample Creation

    Realize finished sample-product using CAD/CAM, Mold Making, Waxing, Casting, Quality Control and more.

  • Professional Photoshoot

    Establish professional model and product images via preparation, photoshoot and retouching for product display.

  • Sample Delivery

    Our secured shipping center will delivery your product to you anywhere in the world.

  • Platform Listing

    Platform trading and exposure gaining, offering direct designer products to all shoppers.

Standard Turnaround Time
Upload Work 24 HOURS Basic Estimation
Project Assessment 24 HOURS Production Analysis
Computer-Aided Design 3 Working Days CAD Specialist
Sample Creation 10 Working Days Molding
Photoshoot 3 Working Days Set up Studios
Delivery TBD Polished Product
Listing TBD e-Workbench

Get your own personalized development plan

The freedom to create any fashion jewelry as you wish. Get access to eWorkbench, Affiliate Programs, and start-to-finish product setup with a snap of fingers.

Manage your whole project all in one place

From sketches to factory manufacture, you are unfolding the development one page at a time, with a quality outcome guaranteed to deliver at your doorstep.

Create a Market that Thrives for Originality

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