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In order to serve You better and fully safeguard Your legitimate rights and interests, before You confirm to agree to this Agreement, please read this JEWELRY HUNT User Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") carefully, especially the bolded and underlined parts, as well as the terms that matter or may matter to the Users' rights and interests and those excluding or limiting liabilities to You. Once You agree to and sign this Agreement by clicking or checking the "Agree" box on this page or any other way, it means that You have read all the terms of this Agreement, and have fully known and understood the meaning and corresponding legal consequences of the terms of this Agreement, and agree to be bound by this Agreement.


Article 1 Definitions


Unless otherwise agreed between You and JEWELRY HUNT, the following capitalized terms used in this Agreement and its supplementary agreements shall be construed as follows:

1.1 Terms of Service: i.e. this Agreement, mean the written contract entered into by You and JEWELRY HUNT now to agree on the rights and obligations between You and JEWELRY HUNT during the entire online shopping process, such as logging in and using the Platform, and placing Orders, purchasing Commodities, paying for Commodities and receiving Commodities through the Platform.

1.2 Commodities: mean the jewelry and other products recommended to You by the Platform.

1.3 Designer: mean a designer on the Platform who provides You with production solutions and work showcasing.

1.4 Shopping Cart: is a concept that simulates the "shopping cart" provided by offline brick-and-mortar stores to customers for carrying goods, and means the web page area where the Platform shows the information about the Commodities for which You have placed an order and are ready to purchase but have not yet paid the corresponding purchase price, also known as the "virtual shopping cart".

1.5 Order: means the form generated by the checkout program of the Platform to record the name, brand, price, discount and other transaction information of the Commodities You have purchased through the Platform. This document will be used as a reference for all inquiries, requests and disputes that may arise in connection with Your purchase.

1.7 Delivery Note: means the Commodity sales document appended to the parcel of Commodities ordered by You for Your signature. The Delivery Note will generally briefly state the name and quantity of each Commodity in the corresponding parcel.

1.8 Delivery Address: means the delivery address requested by You or any other User for purchasing Commodities through this Platform, and, if not specifically stated, is the delivery address stated on the Order filled by You.

1.9 User Account: means the account that You obtain by registration through logging onto the Platform or other user account registration channels provided by JEWELRY HUNT and that can be used to log onto the Platform.

1.10 Malicious Comments: means the comments posted on the Platform by the individuals or organizations that are not interested in the Platform and/or the Commodities sold by the Designers, but organize persons or use computer programs to simulate normal Users to post a large-scale user comments on the Platform, especially to post negative comments on the Platform and/or the Commodities sold by the Designers and even comments in violation of the relevant laws and regulations of the State.

1.11 JEWELRY HUNT Platform Rules: means the various rules, detailed implementation rules, interpretations, product process descriptions, announcements, etc. that have been released or will be released subsequently by the Platform on the Help Center.


Article 2 Purpose

The purpose of this Agreement is to agree that when You log onto and use the Platform, You may quickly and efficiently obtain jewelry and other products that meet Your needs on the JEWELRY HUNT Platform.


Article 3 Service Term

The Service Term for both Parties shall commence from the date on which You creates an Account on the JEWELRY HUNT Platform and shall automatically expire on the date on which You cancels the Account.


Article 4 User Account

4.1 You confirm that before You start registering to use the JEWELRY HUNT services, You shall have the capacity for civil acts appropriate to Your acts as stipulated by the laws of State. If You do not have the aforementioned capacity for civil acts appropriate to Your acts, You and Your guardian shall be liable for all consequences arising therefrom in accordance with the law.


4.2 You can register a User Account and set the corresponding login password by visiting the User Account Registration Page of the Platform. Once the registration is successful, You can log onto and use the Platform with Your User Account and login password. For the time being, the above User Account may be either Your cell phone number or Your personal email account.

4.3 After You have successfully registered Your User Account, if You need to use the User Account to purchase Commodities from the Platform, You shall also fill in at least one consignee, shipping address and cell phone number. Besides, You may also fill in Your name, gender, date of birth, cell phone number, landline phone number, location address, personal email, marital status, weight, height and other personal information under the User Account in accordance with the instructions on the relevant pages of the Platform, and the above personal information will only be used for improving Your User Account information. Whether You fill in such information or not does not affect Your purchase of Commodities from the Platform.

4.4 The JEWELRY HUNT Platform only allows a User to use one JEWELRY HUNT Account. If there is evidence to prove that You have improperly registered or improperly used multiple JEWELRY HUNT Platform Accounts as judged in accordance with the JEWELRY HUNT Platform Rules, the JEWELRY HUNT Platform may take measures such as freezing or closing Accounts, canceling Orders, refusing to provide services, etc. If You cause losses to the JEWELRY HUNT Platform and its related parties as a result thereof, You shall also be liable for compensation.

4.5 You must properly keep Your User Account, login password, payment password (if any) and all personal information that You have filled in under Your User Account. The Platform is not responsible for the losses and consequences suffered by Your User Account due to Your active disclosure or others' attacks and fraud and other acts against You, and You should recourse against the infringers through judicial, administrative and other remedies. Except that the Platform is at fault, You shall be responsible for the results of all actions under Your Account (including, but not limited to, signing various agreements, posting information, purchasing Commodities and services and disclosing information online).

4.6 In order to prevent Your and other Users' User Accounts and the personal information under them from being leaked or stolen by others, JEWELRY HUNT may take measures such as computer virus killing technology and computer encryption technology to protect them at any time. You fully agree to and accept such actions, but this does not relieve You from Your obligation to properly keep Your User Account and the personal information thereunder as described in Article 4.5 of this Agreement.

4.7 Since JEWELRY HUNT Platform Account is associated with Your personal information and the Platform's business information, Your JEWELRY HUNT Platform Account is for Your personal use only. You may transfer Your Account only when it is expressly provided by law, ruled by a judicial organ or with the consent of the Platform. Upon transfer of Your Account, the rights and obligations under such Account will be transferred at the same time. Except as aforesaid, Your Account may not be transferred in any way, otherwise the Platform has the right to pursue Your responsibility for breach of contract, and all responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by You.

4.8 If You forget Your password or Your password is modified by others, You may follow the Account and Password Retrieval Rules announced by JEWELRY HUNT and retrieve Your password through the Account and Password Retrieval System Program provided by JEWELRY HUNT, or contact JEWELRY HUNT's customer service staff to assist in retrieval in the first time, but JEWELRY HUNT does not guarantee that Your password can definitely be retrieved.

4.9 You fully understand and agree that: if it is found or reasonably suspected that the Commodities You purchased through this Platform previously or at that time are not for personal consumption or use according to the purchase records of Commodities and other related information under Your User Account, JEWELRY HUNT has the right not to accept the purchase request of Commodities under Your User Account; if You have already placed an Order, JEWELRY HUNT has the right not to accept the Order; or if JEWELRY HUNT has accepted the Order, JEWELRY HUNT has the right to unilaterally cancel the Order and not to deliver the Commodities. Furthermore, JEWELRY HUNT has the right to freeze Your User Account according to the actual situation, so that Your User Account cannot place Orders and purchase Commodities through this Platform.


Article 5 User's Rights and Obligations

5.1.1 You may order Commodities from the Platform by placing an Order for the products that meet Your needs, and the Platform will arrange delivery within a certain time limit upon receipt of Your ordering notification and according to Your requirements.

5.1.2 You shall comply with the Platform Rules, business processes and transaction requirements, and follow the operational steps to register, bind, etc.

5.1.3 You agree that for all transactions concluded on the Platform and corresponding data, the statistics of and data determined by the Platform shall prevail.

5.1.4 If the Order information submitted by You is wrong due to Your own reasons, the Platform will ship the Order according to the information provided by You, from which any loss resulting shall be borne by You.

5.1.4 Without the consent of the Platform, You shall not use the name, trade name or Logo of the Platform directly or indirectly in any way, otherwise You shall be deemed to have committed a serious breach of contract.

5.1.5 You shall maintain the image and goodwill of the Platform when using the Platform's services.

5.1.6 You shall be obligated to ensure that any materials and registration information provided by You to the Platform (including but not limited to Your real name, ID card number, contact telephone number, email address, address, postal code, etc.) are true and accurate. You shall guarantee that the Platform can contact You and complete Your identity authentication through the contact information mentioned above, and You shall be obliged to update the relevant registration information in a time manner when the relevant information actually changes.

5.1.7 You may not transfer or authorize others to use Your User Account on the Platform in any form without the Platform's permission. If You become aware of any unauthorized use of Your password or Account, or any other security issue, You shall notify Us immediately.

5.1.8 You shall determine whether to use the Platform's services at Your sole discretion and assume the risk thereof, and the Platform shall not be responsible for any damage to the back office system or loss of data or any other consequence due to Your own reasons.

5.1.9 You understand and agree that any commercial risks that may arise from the use of third party payment instruments for payment (including but not limited to errors in the input of transaction information, lawbreakers' use of Your Account or valued cards such as bank cards to conduct illegal activities, etc.) may result in corresponding economic losses. The Platform shall not be liable to You for aforementioned risks and losses as long as the Platform fully fulfills its obligations under the terms and rules of this Agreement and complies with the law.

5.1.10 You undertake that all Your actions performed in using the online trading platform of this Platform comply with national laws and regulations and this Platform's relevant provisions as well as various social public interests or public morals. For any legal consequences thereof, You will independently assume all corresponding legal liabilities in Your own name.

5.1.11 You shall be responsible for Your interactions with other Members. JEWELRY HUNT reserves the right, but has no responsibility, to supervise the disputes between You and other Members. If You find that any other User has violated the law or these Terms of Service, You may report to the Platform.

5.1.12 You agree to receive information from the Platform, including but not limited to event information, transaction information, promotion information, etc.


Article 6 Rights and Obligations of the Platform

6.1 JEWELRY HUNT is responsible for the normal operation of the Platform to ensure that You can transact normally.

6.2 If You cannot transact normally on the Platform due to system failure and other reasons, the Platform undertakes to respond within 24 hours after receiving Your feedback and promptly solve the problem to ensure smooth transacting on the Platform.

6.3 If any return or exchange of Commodities is caused by product quality problems, the relevant freight costs shall be borne by the Platform.

6.4 The Platform warrants that the products supplied to You comply with the relevant national standards, industry standards and product instructions, whichever is higher.

6.5 The Platform will record Your preferences in relation to the use of these services and make recommendations.

6.6 The Platform has the right to check Your registration information, and for the registration information with any problems or doubts, the Platform has the right to send a notice to enquire You and request You to make explanation and correction, or to give punishment, delete information, delete Account and conduct other processing directly without notifying You.


Article 7 User's Declaration and Undertakings

In order to guarantee Your access to the services agreed upon in this Agreement, You agree and undertake that:

7.1 You have the qualifications and capacity to enter into and perform this Agreement and can act independently as a subject of litigation.

7.2 You have obtained all necessary authorizations or approvals to enter into this Agreement, and the execution and performance of this Agreement do not violate any agreement to which You are a party or the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, and are not in conflict with the obligations You shall undertake under any other agreement.

7.3 All actions performed within the scope of services agreed in this Agreement by using the JEWELRY HUNT Account registered in Your own name with password shall be deemed as Your own actions, from which all legal consequences arising shall be borne by You.

7.4 All information, documents and materials provided by You to the Platform are true, accurate, legal and valid, without any false statements, material omissions or misleading representations.

7.5 You undertake to use the services provided by the Platform legally and shall not use the services provided by the Platform to engage in any act that violates or may violate applicable laws, regulations, governmental rules or orders, nor shall You use the services provided by the Platform to engage in any act that infringes or may infringe the rights and interests of any other subject.


Article 8 Commodity Prices

All prices shown on this Platform are denominated in USD, including all taxes and freights. Freights will be automatically calculated and included in the total Order price before payment is made. You can find all the relevant information on the product details page. The price paid is the price in effect at the time the Order is placed.


Article 9 Orders

9.1 JEWELRY HUNT reserves the right to limit the total sales quantity of a single Commodity, the number of Commodities purchased by a single Order, and the number of similar Commodities purchased by a single IP address.

9.2 Based on the Order information You fill in, the system will generate an electronic Order Form containing all the necessary information for Your Order. During the checkout process, You shall review the information on the Commodities ordered, the method of payment, and the shipping method and freight of such Commodities. The final Order Form generated based on the above information shall be considered to be valid evidence of the transaction, and also a reference for all shipments, problems, returns and disputes in connection therewith, so You must review such information very carefully and correct any possible errors. Clicking "Finish" means that You acknowledge that all the information contained in the Order Form is correct and complete.

9.3 If the consignee You fill in is not the same as the User, the actions and manifestation of intention of the consignee shall be regarded as Your actions and manifestation of intention, and You shall be jointly and severally liable for the legal consequences of the actions and manifestation of intention of the consignee.

9.4 You may also choose to cancel an Order. We may investigate the reasons for repeated cancellation actions, which may also be the reason why We may refuse to provide services to You, or freeze or close Your Personal Account.

Article 10 Settlement and Payment Methods

When You order Commodities through the Platform, the Order will be settled according to the unit price of the Commodities, and You shall pay the Order through the bank card bound to Your Personal Account on the Platform, with the specific settlement amount being subject to the data of the Platform.


Article 11 Distribution Services

For the Commodities ordered by You, JEWELRY HUNT will select a company that is qualified to provide transport services to provide You with the transport agency services.


Article 12 Delivery

12.1 The Commodities ordered by You will be delivered to the Delivery Address indicated on the Order Form. If any Commodities cannot be delivered to the Delivery Address for any reason, the Platform will contact You as soon as possible. If You do not provide a response within 7 days from the date on which the Platform first attempts to contact You, the Platform will cancel the Order.

12.2 When You receive the Commodities ordered, Your written signature will confirm that You have received the Commodities in good condition. If the package of any Commodities is broken, please refuse to accept the Commodities.

12.3 If the Commodities purchased by You on the Platform are delivered by a distribution company for You, the time of delivery shall be the time of signature recorded in the system or the documents.

12.4 If the Commodities listed in the Delivery Note are different from those recorded in Your Order Form, or the Commodities received by You are inconsistent with the Commodities listed in the Delivery Note, You may return the corresponding Commodities in accordance with the Return Policy and Return Process published to the public and implemented by the Platform at that time.


Article 13 Return of Order

13.1 If You are not satisfied with the Commodities You have ordered through the Platform, You may return all or part of the Commodities. The Platform will refund You the balance of the price of the returned Commodities after deducting the return freight. If You place an Order with a voucher, JEWELRY HUNT will also refund it in accordance with the corresponding activity rules.

13.2 If You need to return any Commodities, please be sure to return intact all the Commodities You need to return and their packaging, gifts, Delivery Notes, invoices (if any) and other items and materials delivered to You upon delivery within 7 days from the date of receipt of the Commodities, in accordance with the principle of not affecting the normal use and re-sale of the Commodities. Otherwise, the Platform has the right not to accept the return of the Commodities. Unless there is evidence to the contrary, the date of return shall be the date shown by the outgoing postmark on the package received by the Platform. For certain Commodities, if the product details page and the relevant return policy have indicated that such Commodities will not be returned, Your action of placing an Order will be deemed that You have agreed to accept the Platform's non-return arrangements for such Commodities.

13.3 If Your return does not conform to the above return provisions, You will not be eligible for any refund. However, You are still eligible to pay the relevant fees (including freight) at Your own costs to receive the Commodities that have been returned to the Platform. If You do not want to receive the Commodities that have been returned to the Platform, the Platform has the right to retain such Commodities and the payments already received.


Article 14 Commodity Assurance

The Commodities displayed on the Platform fully comply with the relevant laws and regulations of State. If You have doubts about the brand of any Commodities purchased on the Platform and confirm by inspection that they are not genuine, You may apply to JEWELRY HUNT for a claim based on the actual price paid for the Commodities merely through submitting a valid authentication report issued by a third-party professional authentication institution such as the industrial and commercial administration within 90 days after receiving the Commodities.


Article 15 Intellectual Property Rights

15.1 JEWELRY HUNT enjoys all intellectual property rights of all the contents of the Platform, including but not limited to: codes, trademarks, service marks, trade names, graphics, artworks, photographs, portraits, text contents, audio clips, button icons and computer software, logos, digital downloads, data compilations, which are the properties of JEWELRY HUNT or their content providers and are protected by the copyright-related laws and regulations of the France You have only a temporary, revocable, non-exclusive right to use them within the scope agreed in this Agreement.

15.2 You are permitted to browse and use the Platform only for the purposes consistent with the purpose of using the Platform, i.e. for the purpose of browsing information and purchasing Commodities in Your own name for personal use. Any other use is strictly prohibited, including but not limited to the following: copying, modifying, selling, transmitting, republishing, deleting, adding, exhibiting, entering or demonstrating the contents of the Platform or otherwise unlawfully using the contents of the Platform in part or in whole, except for forwarding the information on the Platform to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and other third-party social media with the permission of JEWELRY HUNT.


Article 16 User Regulations

16.1 You must provide at least one smart mobile terminal with Internet access and ensure that it can perform real-time information (i.e. electronic data) interaction with the Platform's server software through the Internet, and the corresponding Internet data charges and other related costs shall be borne by You. Unless otherwise indicated, the data stored by JEWELRY HUNT on its servers is the only valid evidence of transactions between JEWELRY HUNT and its Members.

16.2 You shall not engage in any acts that infringe the intellectual property rights of the Platform or perform other acts that undermine the legitimate rights and interests of JEWELRY HUNT or Its other Users, including but not limited to:

(1) Deleting or modifying the copyright information on the Platform;

(2) Modifying, reproducing and/or releasing the Platform;

(3) Installing various plug-in programs or other third-party programs in the Platform;

(4) Compiling, decompiling, reverse engineering or otherwise decoding the Platform;

(5) Using the Platform's plug-ins and/or exploiting the bugs in the Platform to gain improper benefits;

(6) Using technologies such as hijacking domain name servers to illegally invade or damage the Platform's server software system, or modify, add, delete, steal, intercept, or replace data in the Platform's client and/or server software system, or illegally squeeze the Platform's server space, or implement other acts that overload it;

(7) Impersonating JEWELRY HUNT to post any fraudulent or false information on the Platform;

(8) Using the Platform to intentionally spread malicious programs or computer viruses.

16.3 You have the right to post comments on the Platform, forward or reply to other Users' comments, but You shall ensure that the comments are true and objective and do not infringe the copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights and other legal rights of any third party. Furthermore, You shall not post any advertisement with the help of the User comment function of the Platform.

16.4 You shall comply with the relevant national laws and regulations and shall not post, forward or disseminate any information containing the following on the Platform:

(1) Violating the fundamental principles set forth in the Constitution;

(2) Jeopardizing national security, divulging State secrets, subverting the State power, or undermining the national unity;

(3) Damaging the reputation or interests of the State;

(4) Inciting ethnic hatred or discrimination to undermine ethnic solidarity;

(5) Destructing the State religious policies, propagating heretical or superstitious ideas;

(6) Spreading rumors to disturb economic and social order;

(7) Disseminating obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or crime-abetting;

(8) Humiliating or defaming others or infringing upon other legitimate rights and interests; and

(9) Other contents as prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

16.5 You fully understand and agree that JEWELRY HUNT is entitled to a perpetual, indefinite and geographically unlimited right to use the comments and their contents, including but not limited to videos, photos and text contents, posted, forwarded or disseminated by You on the Platform, all free of charge, whether or not they are works in the sense of the Copyright Law. In addition, JEWELRY HUNT also has the following rights with respect to such comments and/or contents, which may be exercised without Your consent:

(1) The right to modify, edit, compile, adapt, distribute, or otherwise use them;

(2) The right to use either all of their contents or a part or parts thereof;

(3) The right to license them to any third party, who may use them on its own web platform with the consent of JEWELRY HUNT;

(4) The right to take depositions, preserve evidence, notarize, file lawsuits and/or take other lawful measures solely in its own name in accordance with the law against third parties who use the above-mentioned comments and/or contents without the permission of JEWELRY HUNT, so as to pursue their legal responsibilities.

16.6 Your Personal Account is the only credential by which JEWELRY HUNT authorizes You to use the JEWELRY HUNT Platform User Management System. The vouchers, points, discounts, push and other services and offers provided by JEWELRY HUNT are granted through the User Management System and are only available to authorized Users for their personal use. You agree to use Your Personal Account in compliance with laws and regulations and the provisions of this Agreement. JEWELRY HUNT may temporarily freeze, permanently freeze, modify or delete Your Personal Account or take other actions under certain circumstances (including but not limited to Your violation of relevant laws and regulations or this Agreement and/or other public rules, or Your serious violation of social morality to provide false registration identity information, make malicious returns or have a unreasonably high return rate as determined by JEWELRY HUNT, or perform other improper acts that damage or are judged by the Platform to be likely to damage the interests of JEWELRY HUNT, etc.). In particular, You understand and agree that the ownership of the Internet products and services such as Personal Accounts, points and vouchers in the JEWELRY HUNT User Management System belongs to JEWELRY HUNT, and Members are entitled to use the above products and services under the premise of meeting the rules published by JEWELRY HUNT. You may not use JEWELRY HUNT products and services for commercial purposes (e.g., selling any JEWELRY HUNT Personal Account, selling any points or vouchers under Personal Accounts, etc.) without the consent of JEWELRY HUNT. In the course of using JEWELRY HUNT's services, if You or Your Personal Account deliberately circumvent(s) JEWELRY HUNT's management measures, or are/is suspected of fraud, commercial profit-making, improper or dishonest use of the services or other violations of this Agreement and/or other public rules (including but not limited to using cheat software to obtain points and/or vouchers and/or selling Personal Accounts, points and/or vouchers and/or stealing Accounts or assisting in stealing Accounts not for personal and household reasonable consumption), JEWELRY HUNT has the right to refuse to provide You with further services, permanently freeze Your Personal Account, and, depending on the specific circumstances, zero out all virtual products generated or obtained by the above means in such Personal Accounts.

16.7 If Your actions cause losses to JEWELRY HUNT and/or its affiliated companies (including their own direct economic losses, loss of goodwill and indirect economic losses such as compensation, settlement payments, attorneys' fees, litigation costs paid to external parties, etc.), You shall compensate JEWELRY HUNT and/or its affiliated companies for all such losses. If Your actions expose JEWELRY HUNT and/or its affiliated companies to the claims of third parties, JEWELRY HUNT and/or its affiliated companies may recover all losses from You after they have assumed obligations such as payment of money to the third parties.

16.8 If any third party suffers losses due to Your actions, JEWELRY HUNT and/or its affiliated companies may deduct the corresponding amount from any of Your JEWELRY HUNT Accounts to make payment for the purpose of social public interest protection or consumer rights protection.


Article 17 Disclaimers

17.1 Disclaimer Regarding the Platform

17.1.1 The Platform, like other Internet sites used online, is subject to all kinds of undesirable information, network security and network failure problems, including but not limited to:

(1) Other Users may post fraudulent or false information, or publish illegal speech with abusive, cursing, defamatory or offensive contents, or containing offensive and disgusting contents such as obscenity, pornography, indecency, reaction or incitement to ethnic hatred;

(2) Other Users may post some images, photos, text and other materials that infringe on Your or other third parties' intellectual property rights, portrait rights, name rights, reputation rights, privacy rights and/or other legal rights and interests;

(3) Facing with problems and threats such as hacker attacks, computer virus troubles, system crashes, network disconnection, slow Internet speeds, program vulnerabilities, etc.

17.1.2 You fully understand that all kinds of undesirable information, network security and network failure problems mentioned in Article 18.1.1 of this Agreement are not problems caused by the Platform, and any losses caused thereby to You shall be borne by You, and JEWELRY HUNT shall not bear any responsibility to You therefor.

17.1.3 You fully agree that JEWELRY HUNT has the right to unilaterally suspend or terminate the services provided by the Platform without prior notice to You, except that a prior notice is required by laws and regulations or agreed by You and JEWELRY HUNT.

17.1.4 The Platform shall not be liable for the risks arising from the following:

(1) If there is a malfunction, error or display error due to the maintenance or upgrade of the system related to the provision of the services hereunder or the operation of the system, You agree that the Platform may correct the error, suspend the services or take other appropriate corrective measures on its own or through a third party.

(2) For force majeure reasons such as typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, power failure, lightning, strike, riot, governmental action, judicial administrative order, war or terrorist attack.

(3) You use the Platform's services improperly or through other means not approved by the Company.

(4) Due to computer viruses, Trojans, malicious program attacks, network congestion, system instability, system or equipment failure, communication failure, power failure, telecommunication equipment failure, bank reasons, third party service defects, government actions, etc.

(5) During the Term of this Agreement, if the Platform cannot provide the agreed services due to the laws, regulations, rules, provisions, guidelines, notices, policies and other normative documents promulgated or changed by the relevant State authorities, the Platform shall not be deemed to have committed a breach of contract, and the Parties may modify the content of the Agreement or terminate the Agreement earlier in accordance with the relevant provisions.

17.2 Disclaimer Regarding the Sales of Commodities

17.2.1 Due to the difference in page display when viewed with different terminal devices, the Commodities promoted on JEWELRY HUNT may not exactly match the actual items in terms of image and color. Therefore, all displayed images, videos and other Commodity display methods are for illustration purposes only and shall not be deemed as a part of any contract under any circumstances. If any Commodity offered for sale is not as described on the site, Your sole remedy is to return the Commodity unused in accordance with this Agreement.

17.2.2 The Platform reserves the right to amend the prices of the Commodities displayed on the Platform at any time according to the market price fluctuations without prior notice to You. If a Commodity is listed at an incorrect price due to a typographical error or incorrect price information, which causes a significant misunderstanding, the Platform has the right to refuse or cancel any Order placed for such Commodity listed at an incorrect price.

17.2.3 JEWELRY HUNT shall not be liable for any loss to You or third parties due to reasonable or unavoidable delivery delays. In such cases, JEWELRY HUNT will notify You of any foreseeable delay as soon as possible and will ask You to choose whether to cancel Your Order at that time.


Article 18 Right of Privacy

18.1 The privacy involved in this legal statement refers to the identification information collected by JEWELRY HUNT when a User registers for a JEWELRY HUNT Account, visits JEWELRY HUNT web pages, or participates in any form of User activities, including the User's name, contact email address, cell phone number, etc.

18.2 JEWELRY HUNT will collect the above-mentioned information for the following purposes: to provide services on the website, to improve the contents of the website, to satisfy Users' needs for certain products and activities, to inform You of the latest product and activity information, or to meet the requirements of laws and regulations.

18.3 JEWELRY HUNT may use tools to collect data for its partners' websites, and the data will also be used for statistical purposes. The websites will integrate the JEWELRY HUNT's User data recorded in the form of aggregate data for the partners' reference. The aggregate data will include the enterprise statistics and usage information, but will not contain any identifiable enterprise data. When JEWELRY HUNT is to collect data for its partners, JEWELRY HUNT will inform the Users on the website or web pages at the same time as the partners.

18.4 JEWELRY HUNT will not lease, sell or leak any User's information to anyone, except for the following cases: the User expressly agrees to let the third party share the information; only by disclosing the User's enterprise information can the Platform provide the products and services requested by the User; for the purpose of protecting the rights, property or personal safety of JEWELRY HUNT, the Users and the public; the User's information is provided to the judicial authorities in accordance with laws and regulations; the User's information is leaked due to hacker attacks; the User's information is displayed by search engines in the search results; other cases JEWELRY HUNT deems necessary.


Article 19 Amendment and Cancellation of the Agreement

19.1 The Platform has the right to unilaterally amend the rights and obligations in relation to You under this Agreement according to the changes in the sales of Commodities. Once any provision of the Agreement is amended, the Platform will publicize it on the relevant service pages. Except that laws, regulations or regulatory rules have other mandatory provisions, the amended content shall take effect as soon as it is publicized. If You do not agree to the amended Agreement, You shall cease using the services hereunder as of the date such amendment is publicized; otherwise, You shall be deemed to have agreed to and accepted the amended Agreement.

19.2 The Platform has the right to terminate this Agreement in any of the following circumstances:

19.2.1 You voluntarily close the services hereunder.

19.2.2 Your JEWELRY HUNT Account is cancelled.

19.2.3 You use the services hereunder by impersonating someone else's name or stealing someone else's Account.

19.2.4 You use the services hereunder to engage in any illegal transactions.

19.2.5 You engage in any activity that may damage this service system.

19.2.6 You violate any law or regulation, or any rule of this Agreement.


Article 20 Notice and Service

20.1 During the performance of this Agreement, the Platform will send You notices in writing, including but not limited to, the announcements made by the JEWELRY HUNT Platform on the service pages, the documents and materials sent by the Platform to the cell phone number, email address or mailing address registered by You when using the services hereunder, cell phone text messages, electronic faxes and other means. If a written notice is sent electronically, the notice shall be deemed to have been served on the day it is sent. 


These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of  the People's Republic of China (PRC).

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