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JEWELRY HUNT > BROOCH,Brooches & Pins > Two Tone Flower Brooch by Vernon Wilson of Panama Bay Jewelers | VW019
Two Tone Flower Brooch by Vernon Wilson of Panama Bay Jewelers | VW019 -latest BROOCH,Brooches & Pins design 2021
Two Tone Flower Brooch by Vernon Wilson of Panama Bay Jewelers | VW019 -latest BROOCH,Brooches & Pins design 2021

Two Tone Flower Brooch by Vernon Wilson of Panama Bay Jewelers | VW019

Vernon Wilson






    Mix Plating


    Sterling Silver



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    Two Tone Flower Brooch by Vernon Wilson of Panama Bay Jewelers | VW019

  • Category:

    BROOCH,Brooches & Pins

  • Finishing:

    Mix Plating

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  • Collection:

    Panama Bay Jewelers

  • Weight:

    9.24 g

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Experience the Beauty of Panama

Discover the beauty of Panama with one-of-a-kind jewelry designs from Panama Bay Jewelers. Our unique designs are inspired by the culture and nature of our beautiful country.

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Unique Designs

We specialize in creating unique jewelry designs inspired by the culture and beauty of Panama. Explore our timeless pieces that you will treasure for years to come.

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With himself having more than 50 years of experience, Vernon leads a team of designers that create artful pieces that make a statement.

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Custom Designs

In their studio in Panama City, Panama, the Panama Bay Jewelers team specializes in custom jewelry designs. If you like the pieces they have designed with Jewelry Hunt, visit their website for more information about their full catalog and custom design opportunities. www.panamabayjewelers.com

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Vernon Wilson


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