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Are you suffering from the headache for finding the good-quality commodity?
Do you find customers’requirements more challenging to cater to?
Have you been scratching your heads to spot designers of similar tastes?
Are you troubled with international logistics and customs?

Please join us and be our members!
These things you are concerned with will be solved by us easily!

Here is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to outperform your fellows.

Our Designers

JEWELRY HUNT is a purchasing platform for showcasing the international original jewelry designs and its customization services.

Our global designers are from about thirty nations of five continents. You, the customers, can select them based on different dimensions like sales, regions, labels, styles, honor badges, you name it! Besides, you can also sift their works according to price ranges, materials and hot topics, as we have been striving for meeting requirements from worldwide professional jewelry buyers with regard to localization, stylization, being community-centered and sub-cultural and other various facets.

Our Smart Factory

With 16-year professional experience in the supply chain of jewelry, JEWELRY HUNT has been for years in in-depth cooperation with multiple renowned fashioned brands, including Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Anne Klein, Stella&Dot, J.Crew, Michael Kor, and Alexis Bittar and to name but a few.

Now, JEWELRY HUNT has launched online the VIP customized services, aiming to offer various jewelry brands the smart manufacturing services including sample customization and small-lot manufacturing.

Welcome to JEWELRY HUNT and wish you have a wonderful experience here!