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Q&As for Designers

Who will determine the prices?

Designers could submit a Reference Retail Price (RRP) with the works submitted. But the final pricing of production proposal will be determined by JEWELRY HUNT.

How would my work turn to a production proposal, and will that free?

If your design is relatively mature, you will not be charged any fees if we put your design into a production proposal and help you to sell it.

If your design needs a lot professional assistance from us in the, it will incur certain service costs. But please rest assured that the charges for this part of our services will be significantly lower than the general market charges. Our original intention is to help more designers to implement and circulate their design works, so as to provide every role in the industry to obtain greater benefits.

How do JEWELRY HUNT find jewelry buyers?

We record the basic information of each registered designer, including name, brand story, design style, region, etc. At the same time, the platform also count the number of likes, aims and sales of each designer's work. In addition, JEWELRY HUNT 2.0 launches a designer's scoring system. The Data of all the dimensions will be in the database of the platform, and buyers could freely search for the designers or products they want through the platform.

On the basis of the above, our Content Research & Development team will select high-quality design solutions, and cooperate with the Sales team for specific optimization and targeted sales plan, specifically matching the KOL channels we cooperate with. It is worth noting that we will not complete this part of on the 2.0 platform, but may conduct one-to-one detailed negotiation through email to meet the purchase needs of our specific audience.

Which form is most suitable for submission of works?

Hand-drawn drafts, pictures, 2D graphics and 3D model files (video files are not supported temporarily).

Is there a quantity requirement for the works of registered designers?

Is there a frequency requirement for uploading works?

We do not make rigid requirements for our designer users.

But your activity does affect your visibility and recommended ranking on the platform.

Is the work I uploaded to JEWELRY HUNT protected by law?

We have a professional international legal team to handle related matters. JEWELRY HUNT will provide you with effective copyright protection and traceability for all your uploaded works. Once infringement is found, we will as send a legal letter to the infringing party. If necessary, the law firm will send the infringing party a legal letter with international legal effect Lawyer letter.

Could I upload multiple styles of jewelry?

On JEWELRY HUNT 2.0, you could upload any style of jewelry design. But please make sure it does not involve political, religious, or ethnic sensitive topics.

Q&As for Buyers

Are all the works on your platform original drawings by designers? How could I ensure that?

Yes, all the works displayed on our platform are from original works, and we will sign the relevant agreements with each designer to ensure the originality of the works.


Is there any additional discount for the prices displayed on the platform? How much will the quantity and price affect each other?

When you submit your order, our system will automatically calculate the discount price you can get based on the quantity of your order.


How to place an orders for only hand-drawn drawings of the products? 

We will make samples for your confirmation as soon as possible after you place the order. We will start the mass production of the order only after you confirm that there is no problem with the sample.


How long is the sample production time?

Usually the production time of a sample is about 2-4 weeks, which will be determined according to the specific situation of the product.


How do you ensure the quality of your products?

We will strictly follow the ISO9000 quality management system for product quality management, the use of digital and intelligent production management system, to ensure the quality of each product.

How to transport the goods?

Air mail and ordinary mail.


The method of payment?


Does the service of transforming one work into a production plan charge any fees?

On one hand, if the design program is relatively mature, the services of transforming it into the production program as well as marketing will not charge you any fee. On the other hand, if there is a certain amount of our professional assistance needed during transforming process, certain fees are to be charged.


How does JEWELRY HUNT promote your unique designs to suitable buyers or marketing?

We primarily match buyers with designs through two channels.

1) We will record every registered designer’s basic information, including his or her name, brand stories, styles, and regions, etc. Besides, our platform will count the thumbs-up, collections and sales. Furthermore, JEWELRY HUNT will launch a grading system of designers. All the multi-dimension statistics will hence be recorded in the database of the platform, where the purchasers can search for their ideal designers or designs.

2) On that basis, our Content R&D Team cherry-picks the good-quality design programs. They will collaborate with our sales team for specific optimization and targeted sales planning, specifically matching the KOL channels we cooperate with. It is worthwhile to note that the work is not finished on JEWELRY HUNT 2.0. Instead, one-to-one detailed negotiations will be made through e-mail to cater to purchasing requirements of our targeted customers.


Which form is the most suitable to submit my works?

Your works can be submitted in various forms including manuscripts, hand-drawn drafts, product pictures and 3-D model files. (Video form is currently not supported.) These three forms are also applicable to Version2.0 of JEWELRY HUNT.


How can I view my sales?

How can I manage my designs?

How can I ensure that JEWELRY HUNT wont defraud the sales?


In JEWELRY HUNT, every designer will own his/her Workbench.

In the Workbench, you are free to upload your designs for production verification. Works that pass our verifications will be showcased on the platform in the form of production programs, for buyers to sift and make orders. Meanwhile, you can see through your Workbench the orders and shares related to your works. Payment will be transferred to your account after the orders are finished and you can withdraw the cash by means of binding your bankcards.


All details concerning this aspect will be listed in the User Agreement of Designers, which provides effective legal protections for bilateral parties.


Are there any specific requirements for registered jewelry designers regarding the number of their works and frequency of their up-loadings?


In theory there is no strict requirements imposed upon our designers, but your activity levels do influence your exposure and rankings for recommendation.


Are there any laws protecting my uploaded works?

When it comes to your design copyright, we have a professional international legal team in charge of issues related to design copyright protection. Effective copyright protection and prosecution for safeguarding rights are rendered to every design uploaded. In the event of infringement, our company would send the legal document to the infringer. If necessary, a lawyer's letter with international legal effect will be sent by the law firm.

Designers hold the design copyright while JEWELRY HUNT possesses the production patent of production programs optimized in line with its relevant standards.


Can I design manifold styles of jewelry?

Definitely yes!

So long as what you upload does not deal with politics, religions, ethnics or other sensitive topics, you are free to upload whatever style of jewelry design after the launch of our platform.