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JEWELRY HUNT (JEWELRY HUNT) is the world’s first jewelry vertical supply chain platform, integrating rich resources of the supply chain and the new vitality of the Internet to offer like-minded original jewelry designers and fashion buyers a one-stop service platform.


JEWELRY HUNT is equipped with young but professional team members, innovative co-designers from over 30 countries and regions, C2B smart factory for sampling services, rich experience in jewelry industry and etc. JEWELRY HUNT is confident of designers’ and buyers’ interpretations of styles in vogue. On this platform, you are expected to let your imaginations spring up and seek values of your own design series and share design and fashion concepts with people around the world. We hold the belief that every piece of original design has its own value, abiding by the principle to be “Born of Fashion and Engaged in Designs”, we will cherish and treat your brands and designs as our own unique assets.


We are waiting for you to join us.