JEWELRY HUNT is the world's first Fashion Jewelry Service Community for designers and buyers on jewelry Interaction & Purchasing, which was developed and built by Style Plus Design Co. Ltd. It offers rich and diverse product choices in different styles for buyers, with brands display and sales services for jewelry designers. Meanwhile, JEWELRY HUNT provides jewelry experts with unique online DIY customization and professional design assistant services.

Ploughing deeply in jewelry manufacturing for 16 years, Style Plus Design Co. Ltd has developed a sound supporting system and owned a mature production line with the verification for human right, anti-terrorism, environmental protection rating and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate. With branches in North America and Eastern China, Style Plus Design Co. Ltd has provided premium services for a list of well-known retailers including Target, JCP, Kohl’s, Michaels, Claire’s, Express and Renner.


ONEZONE is JEWELRY HUNT’s offline base to support jewelry designers with their infinite creativity on Design Collaboration. The Zone has already established two large-scale design laboratories in Rhode Island and Zhejiang Province. It supports full lifecycle service including sampling, small-bath production, branding operation, industry training and consulting. We aim to help more designers get rid of the constraints of SPACE, TIME, REGION and make more ideas work.

C2B Jewelry Intelligent Manufacturing

To meet the needs of JEWELRY HUNT professional users, C2B Jewelry Intelligent Manufacturing Line (JIML) was benefited from Style Plus Design Co. Ltd's years of researching and developing. Compared with the long and complicated traditional supply chain, JIML is able to support the customized service of "small-batch, speedy and personalized", satisfying all your needs for DIY.


JIANGHU is a faith of JEWELRY HUNT about a real Jewelry World with various Roles based on the eastern traditional social aesthetics. It provides identification and community for every identical role from designers, fashion buyers, IP owners, KOLs, freelancers and producers. All of them could explore the JIANGHU, with magnificent communications and interactions on an non-zero-sum game.